Dear Sunflower Friends and Loyal Supporters,

The 2016 Festival was an artistic and financial success. Thanks to the efforts of many, Sunflower added many new names to our individual donor list and individual donations were increased by twenty-five percent.

The Sunflower Music Festival Board of Directors strives to meet or exceed your expectations each and every year. But, like the song says, “We Can’t Do It Alone”.

We need you. Without volunteer help and your financial support, we couldn’t continue to provide world class entertainment kostenlos—or in English–free.

This year the Sunflower board is also committed to expanding the Festival’s “reach”. Although I have never seen survey results, I expect that a large percentage of you had music education in elementary or high school. Our future audiences are most likely sitting or marching in school bands and orchestras now. We intend to focus our efforts at expanding our reach to school music educators and their students. You can help in this effort. If you haven’t attended a Blanche Bryden concert, please try to do so this coming year. We hope you also consider attending one or more of the outreach concerts performed by our Blanche Bryden high school or college ensembles. Supporting these events now may provide support for Sunflower in the future. Why not add a Blanche Bryden concert to your chamber orchestra, small ensemble and jazz experience?

Please consider the options of sponsorship by visiting the donation page.

Your donations are tax-deductible. You will receive an acknowledgement letter including tax information, and your name will be listed in the 2016 Donor Section of the program. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and don’t forget the gift of music!

-Tom Wright / Sunflower Music Festival Board President